Fix the Netgear Parental Control

How to Fix the Netgear Parental Control Not Working Issue?

Netgear is considered a leader in the WiFi sector not only for offering high-performance WiFi devices but also for bringing the most amazing features to your disposal. With the inclusion of various features in the Netgear extension, they are the right choice for people around the world. One such good feature that the company has launched is parental control. By setting up parental controls on your extender, you can keep track of your children’s online activity and protect them from various online threats. What if Netgear parental controls don’t work for you? Well, here we started this blog. Here are some tips to help you resolve the Netgear parental control issue.

Why doesn’t Netgear Parental Controls work?

There may be several factors in the parental control settings on the range extender. Some of them are as follows:

  • Invalid device connection
  • Technical defects
  • Old firmware
  • The router is configured in bridge mode
  • Faulty / partial Netgear extender settings

If you find that any of the above things happen for your condition, try the troubleshooting tricks below and get rid of the Netgear parental control problem without any problems.

Netgear Troubleshooting Tips to fix Parental Control

The first hack you can try to solve the problem is to check the connection between your router and the extender. If you are using an Ethernet cable to connect the device, make sure it has no slices. Also, make sure that the two devices have enough power from their respective wall contacts.

Reboot the Extender

Technical faults can also prevent you from setting up parental controls on your extender. To resolve this, consider restarting the extender by unplugging it for a moment. When you feel that you have given your device enough time to activate the power, plug the power cord back into the socket and try setting up parental control on the extender. No luck? If so, provide the following troubleshooting tip.

Update the Extender Firmware

Maybe your extender needs some bug fixes or security fixes to set up parental controls. If so, update the firmware of your extender by logging in to your device locally via when updating your device’s firmware; make sure you get it according to the model number of your extender.

Turn off the Bridge mode setting

If your home router is configured in bridge mode, you may also encounter a problem with the Netgear parental lock not working. To resolve this, switch the router to AP mode. If you are not sure how to configure the router in AP mode, consult our experts and let them help you solve the problem.

Reset the Extender and reconfigure it

Finally, the Netgear parental control issue may not work if your extender is not configured correctly. You can solve the problem by resetting the extender to the default settings and restarting the Netgear WiFi extender settings from the left.

Final Thought

There is hope that if you follow the tips in the article, you will have a problem with Netgear parental control not working. You are now free to monitor your children’s online activity, restrict the use of certain websites, and set an online timeout for them. If you are still unable to set up parental controls on your Netgear extender after trying the above tricks, please contact our technical experts at your disposal to help you take advantage of your WiFi devices.

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