How To Fix the Netgear Router Not Working Issue?

Even though Netgear has a good reputation in the wireless router industry, each technological device is subject to occasional malfunctions. It’s very annoying when your router experiences technical difficulties, and you lose access to the web. Read on for answers to concerns like “netgear router not working? “. You’ll find out why it’s important to keep your drivers updated and how to troubleshoot your Netgear router if you’re having issues.

If Your Netgear Wireless Router Stops Working

With a wireless router, you may access the Internet and do all your favorite online activities without interruptions. When you’re relaxing and watching Netflix, you want to continue what you’re doing because you lost connectivity. Nothing is more annoying than settling in for a relaxing night of TV only to find out you have no internet connection. It’s aggravating enough, but it’s even more so when you know it’s not down because of a storm or other poor weather conditions.

It’s time to sit back, relax, and figure out how to troubleshoot your wireless router after you’ve gotten out all of your frustrations (and possibly pulled some hair out in the process). If you want to use it, you’ll need to log in, which, as you’ll soon see, requires a certain amount of skill. Learn how to fix your Netgear router’s problems right now.

Issues with a non-functioning Netgear router

When I try to connect to the internet, my netgear router wifi not working. Discover, Advice for Fixing Issues

The first thing to try while troubleshooting is to log in to your router.

In that case, how can I access the router’s admin page?

To get started, open up your web browser of choice and go to the following address:


That will take you to the following screen; however, you can alternatively use the default IP address for your router if you like. A login page will be displayed regardless of the method you choose. In the event of an internet outage, this page will load instead.

The likelihood is high that you will log in with the default login and password. The default login for accessing a Netgear wireless router is admin. A password of “password” will be used. Seems straightforward.

After you log in, you’ll be able to fix the router.

Identify the Core Issue and Focus on Its Resolution

You’ll have to do several tests if you have a problem with your Netgear router. Discover if you can only visit specific websites like AOL or the entire internet. You can rule out a router problem if you can still visit some websites but not others.

However, if you cannot connect to the internet, the issue is most likely with your router. Try bypassing the router and linking the PC directly to the modem to troubleshoot this. If you cannot connect now, the issue lies beyond the router, and you should contact your Internet service provider.

Verify Your Source of Power

You should always check your router’s power supply before doing anything else if the netgear wireless router is not working.

The Procedure for Restarting and Reestablishing Connections

Besides verifying the connections on your wires, you can try rebooting your router and computer to see if it helps.

If you need to restart your Netgear router, you can do it with a hard reset. Sometimes a hard reset is the only thing that will fix the issue. Find anything skinny, like a pencil eraser, and press it into the RESET slot.

To use, press and hold for a few seconds. Check your internet connection when your router has finished restarting.

Watch for the internet connection indicator light to turn green.

If it’s still missing, keep going.

Move Your Router to a Different Channel

When a wireless router stops working, sometimes changing the channel is all required to get it back online and run.

However, updating your router’s drivers or firmware, which sometimes go hand in hand, is considerably more common than having to change your router’s channel. What you need to know about the risks posed by these antiquated programs to your machinery is detailed below.

Problems with Netgear wireless routers are sometimes caused by using an outdated driver.

It may come as a surprise to learn that out-of-date drivers or firmware on a wireless network are a typical cause of problems, yet they are often neglected. To ensure that your hardware operates as designed, you must have up-to-date device drivers. Wireless routers, particularly those made by Netgear, are vulnerable to these applications.

Any of your devices, from routers to displays to input devices, may stop working if their software is allowed to become too out of date.

Keeping your drivers updated is the best way to avoid wireless router issues. Although handling all of the updates yourself may be tempting, you should not.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Drivers on Your Own

Maintaining your drivers manually can be a hassle, and you may yearn for an easier option. Thankfully, the answer is yes. There is specialized software that will automatically update all of your drivers and check for any signs of wear and tear on your devices. You may avoid a lot of hassle and save time by having your drivers automatically updated.

Manually upgrading all of your devices’ drivers is a time-consuming and arduous task. If you run into issues while attempting to update these programs, it will delay you further and worsen the situation.

Selecting a Driver Maintenance Program

The smartest course of action is acquiring software that can automatically perform all these tasks. The question is, which company sells reliable software? To avoid getting a virus, you should avoid using free driver update software. Do not even consider it.

You must find dependable software. Although many apps and other types of software are downloaded quite casually today, it is still vital to verify the legitimacy of the software before installing it on your computer. Due to this, it’s common sense to go for a commercially available software solution.

How come my Netgear router is malfunctioning? 

If you’re having problems with your netgear nighthawk router not working, the industry leader in such software. It checks for and automatically updates any out-of-date drivers, saving you the trouble of manually doing so.

Save valuable time fumbling around with your wireless router and implementing inefficient and counterintuitive troubleshooting steps. Don’t waste time wondering what’s wrong with your Netgear router. You’ll have trouble-free web access and fully use your router’s features.

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