How Can I Setup a Netgear Router Without Modem?

Setting up your router does not require you to have a modem as a prerequisite. Investing in a router provides one with a multitude of advantages. There are various models of routers available, all of which you need to be aware of. You might want to talk to some of your friends about the best routers available on the market. Routers typically have user guides that can be consulted for assistance throughout the configuration process.

How to setup a NetGear router without modem is a simple process. If you follow the instructions in the manual, the only parts you will need to skip are those discussing how to access the internet. This is because you are merely interested in configuring your route without using a modem.

You have the option of enlisting the assistance of an expert if you think it will be difficult. There are a lot of people who deal with setting up routers in the market today. You can locate some of them here. If you want to ensure that your router is set up correctly, you should consider hiring a specialist that works with various kinds of routers.

The positive aspect is that you can adjust your router’s configuration whenever there is a problem with your ability to connect to the internet. Anyone who enjoys engaging online and conducting research may find that having a slow internet connection is the most frustrating aspect of their experience.

You won’t need a modem if you follow the instructions in this article to set up a router.

The first step is to configure the wizard.

If you want to netgear router setup without modem, you will need to make a wizard for the process. You might want to get separate power cables for your computer, modem, and switch. You can now check that your electronic devices have been powered up. You have to be patient and wait until the lights on all gadgets turn green. You will need to launch one of your browsers, such as Chrome, to gain access to additional information regarding the Routers.

Step 2: You need to acquire the IP address.

It is necessary to be familiar with acquiring an IP address. The only thing that has to be done is to open the command prompt for it to be simple and easy. At the prompt where commands are entered, you will need to type “ipconfig.” You can view the IP address once ordered in the ipconfig command. Keep in mind that the IP address will differ depending on the kind of router you buy.

Always consider purchasing a router that still needs to get a modem. You will be able to be sure of this if you confirm it with the vendors. After the IP address has been displayed, you can view all of the relevant information on your router. Maintain complete secrecy regarding the configuration of your router.

In the third step, remember to configure your router.

You must connect the port on your laptop or whichever PC machine you use to the router using an Ethernet connection. If you want to change the route to its IP address, it is vital to have more information on the route’s interface. The only way to transform the interface to IP is to use a technique called subnetting. To provide even more specificity, the Internet Protocol address of your router can be configured to, and with the use of subnetting, you can change it to

Post-Configuration, which is the fourth step

After you have configured the IP address of your wireless router, the only remaining step that needs to be taken is to unhook all of the power cables. It would be best if you now connected each line to the appropriate port on the router. Restarting your computer may be the best solution because it will allow the router to assign a new IP address. The new IP address will give your machine the finest possible performance.

You may return to the Wizard tab after displaying this message. You need to click yes before deciding which internet connection you would like to use. You are free to wait for a few minutes while you check on the completion of the process of configuring the internet connection. You will be able to access the username page more easily with this, and on that page, you will be asked to have a password for your router. After this, you will receive a message congratulating you on properly configuring your router to connect to the internet. This is confirmation that you have completed the previous steps correctly.


If you are well informed about the procedure, it can be easier to grasp how everything works fully. In addition, it is beneficial to be aware that there are routers that already have a modem. If an Ethernet cable is available, some choose to connect their routers to their networks how to setup a netgear wifi router without modem. The ease with which you can combine your computer and the router is one of the many reasons this cable is so useful.

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